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The typeface Round-Grotesk is a sans serif font, which I have digitized as part of my bachelor thesis in 2012. I continuously have been working on perfecting the font since. It is based on an old, almost forgotten german letter press font from the former type foundry C. E. Weber in Stuttgart, Germany. It first appeared in their late thirties font catalogs under the same name.

The Rund-Grotesk is a geometrical font with some typical classic shapes and characters. With its short descender and a large x-height it develops a special appearance. Especially the lower case letters support the classical look since some glyphs resemble old black letter typefaces. The Rund Grotesk's character set supports all central and some eastern european languages. Modern glyphs like the @ or the € symbol were added so it fits the todays usage. With three weights, light, medium and bold and furthermore the italics it works perfectly for headlines and small paragraphs.

My name is Frédéric Krauser and I am a freelance graphic designer in Leipzig, Germany. For further inquiries, feel free to contact me at


Frédéric Krauser
Lilienstraße 24
04315 Leipzig
+49 (0)176 83191293


Frédéric Krauser

Mori Waan

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Rund-Grotek specimen: Frédéric Krauser
Rund-Grotesk Typeposters: Felix Wetzel, Katharina Staniok, Patrick Martin
Momentaufnahmen: Fabian Nerstheimer

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